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Screwed/Threaded Flanges Manufacturer, Stockholders, and Exporters in India.

Viton Metal and Forging is the leading manufacturers, supplier, and stockist of Screwed/Threaded Flanges in India. We supply and export Screwed/Threaded Flanges in different parts of countries. An Screwed/Threaded Flange is a methodology of connecting pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to form a piping system. We, Viton Metal and Forging have Screwed/Threaded Flanges Manufacturers in India. It provides easy accessibility for cleaning, inspection, or modification. We tend to use the highest quality of materials with exactness and the latest technologies to manufacture high-quality Screwed/Threaded Flanges for our client’s use. Screwed/Threaded Flanges are usually welded or screwed. Screwed/Threaded Flanged joints are made by bolting together two Screwed/Threaded Flanges with a gasket between them to provide a seal. Viton Metal and Forging is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified stocking distributor and specialty manufacturer of Screwed/Threaded Flanges.

About Screwed/Threaded Flanges

Screwed/Threaded Flanges are designed to control and help the flow of gases, liquids, or other materials that are into them. We design ASME B16.5 Screwed/Threaded pipe flanges and other types of various sizes, shapes, colors, standards with extreme dimensional precision. We finally finish our Screwed/Threaded Flanges keeping all the national and international standards in mind. Our manufactured Screwed/Threaded Flanges contain prime quality materials. Factory-made Screwed/Threaded Flanges from quality grades meeting ASTM and also AISI standards as a result of a higher standard, higher is that the toughness of the Screwed/Threaded Flanges. There are two different types of Screwed/Threaded flange designs, octagonal cross-sections, and oval. Despite both types of Screwed/Threaded flange having identical pitch diameters, octagonal cross-sections are more widely used due to their higher sealing efficiency with pressures up to 1,000 PSI standards. . Prime quality of steel content and other metals have made the Screwed/Threaded Flange harder and will increase its hardness. Screwed/Threaded Flanges are basically employed and stocked to close the open ends and fit them tightly with valves or piping systems.

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Screwed/Threaded Flanges Specification

Specification of Screwed/Threaded Flanges
Screwed/Threaded Flanges Specification
Size 15NB To 1200NB, ANSI B 16.5
Class 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
Stainless Stel ASTM A 182F-304/304H/304L/316/316H/316/316Ti, 309, 310, 317L, 321, 347, 904L
Duplex and Super-Duplex Steel ASTM A 182-F51, F53, F55
Nickel ASTM B 564 N02200, N02201
Inconel ASTM B 564 N06600, N06601, N06617, ASTM B 564 N07718, ASTM B 564 N06625
Incoloy ASTM B 564 N08800, N08810, ASTM B 564 N08825, ASTM B 564 N08020
Hastelloy ASTM B 564 N10276, N06022, ASTM B 564 N10665, ASTM B 564 N06455
Titanium-Commercially ASTM B 861, 862, 338 Gr.1 R 56250(CP4)
Titanium-Pure Gr.2 R 50400(CP3) Gr.3 R 50550(CP2) Gr.4 R 50700(CP1) Gr.7 R 52400 Gr.11 R 52250
Titanium-Alloys ASTM B 861, 862, 338 Gr.5 R 56400(6AI-4V) Gr.23 R 56401(6AI-4V-ELI) Gr.12 R 53400
Cupro Nickel ASTM B 171 C70600(90:10), ASTM B 171 C71500(70:30)
Monel ASTM B 564 N04400 DIN N05500
Carbon Steel ASTM A 234 WPB, IS 1239 PART II
Alloys Steel ASTM A 234 WPB WP5, WP9, WP11, WP12, WP91
Low Temp. CS ASTM A-420 WPL6
Other Service Hot Dip Galvanizing, Sand Blasting
Test Certificate Manufacturer Test Certification En 3.1 and 3.2, IBR Test Certificate
Specializing In:Large Diameter CS Pipes and Duplex Steel Inconel®, Incoloy®, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Duplex® are Registered Trade Marks of their Respective Owners.


Dimension Chart of Screwed/Threaded Flanges

Outside Diameter
≤ 24 = 1.6 mm | > 24 = ± 3.2 mm
Inside Diameter
≤ 10 = ± 0.8 mm | ≥ 12 = + 1.6 mm / – 0 mm
Diameter of Contact Face
1.6 mm Raised Face = ± 0.8 mm
6.35 mm Raised Face, Tongue & Groove / Male-Female = ± 0.4 mm
Outside Diameter of Hub
≤ 12 = + 2.4 mm / – 1.6 mm | ≥ 14 = ± 3.2 mm
Diameter of Counterbore
Same as for Inside Diameter
Bolt Circle = 1.6 mm | Bolt Hole Spacing = ± 0.8 mm
Eccentricity of Bolt Circle with Respect to Facing
≤ 2½ = 0.8 mm max. | ≥ 3 = 1.6 mm max.
≤ 18 = + 3.2 mm / – 0 | ≥ 20 = + 4.8 mm / – 0
Length thru Hub
≤ 18 = + 3.2 mm / – 0.8 mm | ≥ 20 = + 4.8 mm / – 1.6 mm

Screwed/Threaded Flanges Application and Uses

  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges Uses in Textile machinery
  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges Uses in Oil and gas industry
  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges Uses in Medical Gas Pipeline Systems
  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges Uses in Pharmaceutical processing industry
  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges Uses in Fluid piping.
  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges Uses in Modern architecture.
  • Screwed/Threaded Flanges Uses in Water waste projects.

Screwed/Threaded Flanges Terms and Conditions:-

  1. Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
  2. Packaging for Screwed/Threaded Flanges: Screwed/Threaded Flanges are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  3. Screwed/Threaded Flanges Port of Dispatch: Mumbai or Kalamboli ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  4. Tax: 18% GST

Screwed/Threaded Flanges Manufacturers and Suppliers in India- Viton Metal and Forging

Viton Metal and Forging are Supplier of Screwed/Threaded Flanges in Mumbai, Chennai, Surat, Indore, Bhopal, Agra and more than 80+ other cities. Viton Metal and Forging is also well-known in India’s Manufacturers, Supplier of Screwed/Threaded Flanges. Our Main office is located in Mumbai and we provide Screwed/Threaded Flanges to all major cities of India from Mumbai. We have our sales offices in different cities of India.

Manufacturers Suppliers of Screwed/Threaded Flanges:
Bengaluru Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Pune
New Delhi Ahmedabad Jaipur Surat Salem Gandhinagar
Bhiwandi Tiruppur Sivakasi Jamnagar Thiruvananthapuram Rajahmundry
Bhubaneswar Vijaywada Firozabad Bokaro Steel City Rajkot Bharuch
Panna Raipur Cochin Ludhiana Panipat Durgapur
Peenya Pimpri-Chinchwad Channapatna Kharagpur Nashik Bareilly
Varanasi Haldia Rourkela Bangalore Moradabad Indore
Visakhapatnam Trivandrum Pithampur Dibrugarh Angul Gwalior
Coimbatore Kannur Nagpur Vadodara Rudrapur Noida
Agra Bhagalpur Jamshedpur Bhilai Lucknow Kanpur
Thane Bhopal

Screwed/Threaded Flanges Manufacturers Exporters in India- Viton Metal and Forging

Viton Metal and Forging are exporters of Screwed/Threaded Flanges in the USA, Mexico, Qatar, Bahrain, China, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and more than 80+ other countries. Viton Metal and Forging is also well-known India’s Manufacturers, Exporter of Screwed/Threaded Flanges. Our Main office is located in Mumbai. We have our sales offices in different countries.

Manufacturer Exporter of Screwed/Threaded Flanges:
Saudi Arabia Oman Kuwait Netherlands Iran
Bahrain Qatar UAE Africa China
Nigeria Mexico Canada Venezuela United Kingdom
United States South Africa Malaysia Bangladesh Turkey
Singapore Sri Lanka Australia Brazil